Quality Control

Quality Control

As an ISO 9001 listed company , FYT LED CO., Ltd. is following strict rules to assure constantly high standards.

Quality Goal:

1. On time delivery rate≥ 95%

2. Products passing rate per batch ≥ 98%

3. Customer satisfaction rate ≥ 90

We have 16 staffs in Quality control department.

Every month, QC department will release monthly report to all the staffs and educate how to prevent the quality issue happening again.

Full quality control

  • Full quality control

    Incoming material inspection

  • Full quality control

    Sensitive material like LED chips and driver are stored in the constant temperature and humidity room.

  • Full quality control

    Every LED PCB must be tested after assembled by SMT machine.

  • Full quality control

    QC inspection during the production process.

  • Full quality control

    Every light must be tested 4 times during the production.

  • Full quality control

    100% lights must be tested before packing.

  • Full quality control

    QC stamp on the qualified products and allow shipment.

Quality assurance instrument

  • IP grade Tester

    IP grade Tester

  • Salt spray Tester

    Salt spray Tester

  • IES-Machine


  • Integrated Spheres

    Integrated Spheres

  • Drop Tester

    Drop Tester

  • Constant Temperature & Humidity Test

    Constant Temperature & Humidity Test

  • EMI Test

    EMI Test

  • Programmable AC Power Source

    Programmable AC Power Source

  • LCR Meter

    LCR Meter

  • LCR Digital Electric Bridge

    LCR Digital Electric Bridge

  • Surge Test

    Surge Test

  • Hi-Pot Test

    Hi-Pot Test

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